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Waist WrapWaist Wrap Inserts

  Plasma Waist Wrap

Waist wrap with plasmatic inserts to allow for energy balancing in area of need. The wrap comes in Medium, Large, XL and XXL sizes and is adjustable with Velcro attachments.

  • Medium - Available in Black only. Fits pant size 71 - 76 cm (28 - 30 inches).

  • Large - Available in Tan only.  Fits pant size 81 - 89 cm (32 - 35 inches).

  • XL - Available in Black only.  Fits pant size 89 - 97 cm (35 - 38 inches).

  • XXL - Available in Tan only.  Fits pant size 97 - 109 cm (38 - 43 inches).

 Each wrap comes with 4 plastic insert pouches containing the energy fields to relieve pain and assist in the healing process.

The product is shipped within 30 DAYS from the PAYMENT confirmation.

$ 59.99
(plus shipping & taxes)

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